Travel painpoints of all the people

When you travel or have a business trip abroad, you often get into these troubles.

Apply SIM card of other cities is complex and will waste you too much time.

SIM card is very easy to lose.

Access to the roaming function, but with a very high and unclear fee.

Hungry for the data especially video chat and remote conference.

Can't share the data to your family and friends comfortable and free.

Right now we have KiMiFi to solve all the above problems, but not only these, You can get more.

Video watch (Uploaded in YouTube)

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KiMiFi's highlights

1. KiMiF is a creative product which adopts our original CloudSIM data centers and AWS (Amazon Cloud Platform) to make the product signal stable and support top 3 operators' service in every country.

2. CloudSIM is a powerful technology in the global network service area, it has all 4G full 21 bands, 22 data centers and 6 AWS in the world.

3. KiMiFi is an innovative product which can be used in more than 135 countries, no SIM card required.

4. KiMiFi can be shared with up to 5 devices at the same time for considering KiMiFi's power.

5. KiMiFi has more than 14+ hours of battery life under 5 devices connected, its standby time is too much more amazing.

6. KiMiFi just only matches 'KiMiFi' App control all, you can download from App Store or Play Store.

Too many more...

7. For its superior quality, we designed KiMiFi's lifecycle for more than 2 years.

8. Personal information leakage? Network security hidden troubles? Unknown sources viral program? To these risks say “no” with foolproof KiMiFi. With embedded encryption, the KiMiFi presents a safer method of getting online than connecting to potentially vulnerable public Wi-Fi hotspots.

9. When you meet any problem, you can ask our All-day multi-language customer service in the App directly. 

10. Less is more, we devoted ourselves to create excellent products, KiMiFi is the first gift in saying hello to the world.